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836 Monterey St 
Duquesne, Pa 15110



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Located just south east of Pittsburgh

… this 3 bedroom, 2 bath is the perfect starter home for a small or growing family! Located on a rare double lot not only do you get a beautifully updated home, but you get a large completely fenced in front, back and side yard complete with an above ground pool and sundeck! Enjoy the ample and multiple outdoor entertainment spaces this property has to offer in complete privacy.

The 1st floor has a large living room which flows into a recently updated kitchen, and dining room. Updated stainless steel appliances in the kitchen offer a perfect area for preparing meals, and the the double over makes baking a breeze. Off the dining room you’ll find an additional spare room that makes a perfect breakfast nook or home office. Off the kitchen and living room you’ll find both a front and back covered porch to unwind on after a long day, or just watch the kids as they play.

The 2nd floor contains both the master bedroom, and a 2nd bedroom. Ample storage in multiple closest allows for all of your belongings to have a home. An updated full bathroom with shower/tub combo sits just at the end of the hallway.

Off the kitchen the basement contains the 3rd additional room that can be used as a bedroom, along with a 2nd full bathroom. New hot water tank and furnace ensure you have maintenance free utilities. An additional workbench area and large dry storage room ensure you have plenty of space to get those home improvements done and store you belongings.

Outside in the yard is where this property truly shines! On a rare double lot enjoy a large spacious yard with multiple entertainment spaces and an above ground pool! Enjoy the summer weather with the kids around the yard as they play in the pool. An upper and lower deck around the pool offer great places to sun and relax. Two large covered porches off the front and back door offer a great place to relax after a long day. Two large storage sheds provide great storage and space. A smaller one contains all the necessitates to keep the pool functioning and clean, and the larger one sits on it’s one pad and be use as a workshop, kids play house, or provide more than enough storage for all of your outdoor needs. The detached single car garage sits in the back yard and has an additional covered concrete porch, perfect for grilling. The corner back yard offers a beautiful sitting area, great for a fire pit to enjoy once the sun sets.

Located just a few miles from Kennywood, Sandcastle, the Water Front, US Steel, UPMC McKeesport, Westwood Golf Course. This home is nearby while also being in a quiet  neighborhood. This home is move in ready for your personal touch, and the perfect opportunity to make this home truly yours!


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Property Facts & Features

Other Facts

  • (1) One Car Garage
  • Recently Renovated kitchen and bathrooms
  • Rare large double lot with fully fenced in back yard
  • Above ground pool with lower and upper decks
  • Ample storage space
  • Multiple outdoor entertainment spaces
  • Updated appliances
  • Updated mechanicals
  • Built in security system

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Why Owner Financing or Rent-to-Own?

Since the economic meltdown that occurred in 2007-2009 ..

... it has become one of the most difficult periods in history for the average home buyer to be able to qualify and obtain a mortgage for purchasing a new home. Since Covid, times have only gotten harder. The very strict lending environment existing today has resulted in millions of Americans, that otherwise would be very responsible home owners and desire to have the benefits of home ownership, are now not able to buy a home.

As a result of the market, we started several years ago providing homes to families and individuals wishing to have the benefits and pride associated with home ownership without the need for bank qualifying to many otherwise responsible families and individuals, including those that have had past credit or other financial issues.

How Can I Own a Home Without Getting a Mortgage to Pay for It?

There are three ..

... primary ways that we will structure the financing of a home for a buyer. Which method primarily depends on the amount of down payment a buyer is able to put down on the property upfront. Our program is based on awarding buyers that are able to put as much down as possible on the home. We can work with buyers that can put from 2%-30% down or higher.

VERY IMPORTANT: The amount of the down payment will have a large impact on the type of terms that we will provide on a specific home; in addition, we are able to negotiate more on the total price of the home with higher down payment amounts. We always encourage our buyers to put down as much as possible upfront as this will result in the best terms and pricing for the home.

Keep in mind that while many of the homes we sell under our program have built-in financing from 2-10 years, we typically give 2 years to terms because we view our program as a bridge allowing the buyer to get themselves in a position from a financial/credit/income standpoint that they will be able to qualify for their own financing through a mortgage lender at some point in the future. Part of the agreement with our program is to speak with our credit specialist and our mortgage specialist.

What are my Options?

1) Down Payments of 1-15%

Buyers that have a lower amount of down payments in the range of 1-15% can be set up under our rent-to-own financing structure. The amount of upfront down payment will be fully credited towards the purchase price. There is a monthly base rent that the buyer will make on the home with a potential portion of this base payment also being credited towards the total price of the home. We will hold the deed in escrow until the buyer is able to refinance and pay off the remaining balance owed on the home. We will set up the buyer with our credits specialist and our mortgage broker so we can quickly get them qualified to buy the house. The buyer is able to make additional payments at any time towards the purchase price of the home. After a period of time, the buyer will have enough credit built up towards the purchase price to allow for refinancing with a mortgage lender. Buyer is not responsible for property taxes and insurance, but is responsible for all utilities and maintenance under this structure.

2) Down Payments 16% or More

Buyers with down payments in this range can be set up under our purchase owner financing structure. This financing will work the same way as a normal mortgage in terms of following a specific amortization, fixed interest rate, etc. 100% of the down payment money will be credited towards the purchase price of the home. We will hold the deed in escrow until the buyer is able to refinance or otherwise pay off the financing provided by us. The buyer will have a term of 2-5 years to refinance the property, however the monthly payment will follow a regular 30 year mortgage amortization schedule with corresponding amounts applied with each monthly payment to the principal on the purchase price of the home. The interest rate is fixed at the initial closing. The higher the amount of down payment, the lower the interest rate we can provide to a buyer. At month 12, the base interest rate will go up 1-1.5% per year. Typically, a buyer under this scenario will have 2-5 years before they will need to refinance with a mortgage lender or otherwise payoff the financing to us. We will escrow the property taxes and insurance, allowing the buyer to spread out these costs over a 12 month period. This monthly escrow payment will be added to the base monthly financing payment each month. The interest rate will be determined by a number of factors, including the amount of down payment, credit score, income, financial history, etc.

3) Straight Rental

Some, but not all, of our properties are also available as a straight rental. You may decide to switch to our rent-to-own or owner finance program at any time, which will require new documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Ultimately it depends on how much you can put down and how much you're willing to pay. Your down payment will depend on if we can do rent-to-own or owner financing.

Rent-to-Own: With a lower down payment, our rent-to-own program will be the option for you. Our rent to own program is very simple. You will put a down payment on the agreed purchase price of the property. We then lease (rent) you the home with exclusive right to purchase it at a later date. Our buyers love it because it gives them time to save up for a larger down payment, clean up past credit repair problems or sell another home, and also time to try out the neighborhood before buying and move in immediately. We are obligated to sell to you; however you are not obligated to buy. 100% of your option fee/down payment is credited towards the purchase price of the home. During the period you are leasing, if needed, we will set you up with a credit repair specialist, and a mortgage broker who will help guide you through the process of getting you qualified to purchase the property ASAP! 

Owner Financing: If you're able to put a substantial amount of money down on the property you will qualify for owner financing. That way we can sell you the home without you having to qualify at a bank. We will be the bank and make the immediate decision.

How Much Down Payment Do I Need?

We are very flexible with down payment. We can offer you many options and we will always do our best to work with whatever funds you have available. You can even start out on a lease purchase and then move to owner financing at a later date when you have the additional money.

Will Filling Out Our Pre-Application Affect My Credit?

No, the pre-application below is simply for us to gauge and verify if you can qualify for the house. We DO NOT run a credit check when you fill out this application. If you qualify we'll schedule a time for a phone interview to go over the info and then a time for you to tour the home. If after touring the home you would like to move forward then we will do a formal application (where you can adjusted your offer), and complete a credit and background check.

Who Pays For the Closing Cost?

We pay for all the upfront closing cost associated with our financing programs. This means 100% of the money you put down on a home goes to work for you. You will be responsible for all closing cost once you refinance.

Can I Payoff the Financing Early?

Absolutely! There is no prepayment penalty with any of our financing programs. You are free to pay us off early or make additional principal payments at any time.

Am I Able to Sell the Home From the Appreciation Over Time?

Yes! It is your home, 100% of the appreciation on the home over time is yours at the time you would decide to sell or refinance.

What is the Interested Rate?

Under our rent-to-own structure, a specific amount of the monthly rent is credited towards the total purchase of the home. Under our owner financing program, the interest rate can range from 10.5-25.95%.

Can I make Improvements on the Home?

Absolutely! It is your home, you are able to make improvements. For major improvements, we do require that we be notified ahead of time as to the scope of work and it is approved.

What Expenses am I Responsible for Once I Buy the Home?

Under our rent-to-own, the buyer is responsible for all utilities, maintenance and HOA fees (if applicable). We pay for the property taxed and insurance. Under our owner-financing, the buyer is responsible for all expenses on the property including taxes and insurance.

Do You Offer Down Payment Assistance Programs?

Yes, we do. If you are a bit short on down payment but have strong income, we can set up a monthly payment plan to make payment toward your payment.

What Other Methods Of Down Payments Are Accepted?

We accept credit cards. You may also be eligible to withdraw or borrow from your 401K to purchase a home without penalties and we’ll consider most anything to trade such as cars, boats, RV’s, trucks, motorcycles, jewelry, stocks, bonds, or anything else of considerable value.

Do I Have To Have Good Credit?

Absolutely not! When you enter into our program you automatically get credit repair. We will set you up with a national company to clean up your colorful past that created the unexpected twists and turns that are affecting your ability to get a favorable loan. Then we will guide you to the correct professionals who can get you the loan that fits your lifestyle.

How Do I Apply For The Home?

All we would need is your application below completely filled out. We will then contact you within 1-3 business days. Please keep in mind our homes sell quickly, so time is of the essence.

Can I Buy The Home With No Down Payment?

Yes, if you can qualify for new financing. Our lenders have 100% financing programs available with good credit. No, if you can’t qualify for new financing. Both our owner financing and lease purchase programs will require a down payment. The more you have down, the better the chance of acceptance and better your terms.

What Determines If I Can Buy With Owner Financing Or Lease Purchase?

If your credit is good and you can qualify for a loan and you have a good down payment, the choice is yours. We’ll lay out your options and you’ll decide which is best for you. If your credit is not so good or you can’t or won’t qualify for other reasons and have a good down payment, the size of your down payment may be the deciding factor. The more you have down, the better chance you have with owner financing. Smaller down payments may qualify you for a lease purchase where you can build up to enough for our owner financing with our Down Payment Assistance Program discussed above or future capital you may acquire on your own.

What If I Don’t Like This House – But I Want To Stay Informed About Other Houses You May Have?

We have something called a VIP list. We can add you to my VIP list and call you in the future. This list puts you “in the know” and once on the list you will be the first to know of our newest homes for sale … before we advertise them to the public, allowing you to get the best deal. Simply got our VIP List Page and fill out the short application and we’ll notify you with every house we have available, or will have available, until you find the one you really think fits your lifestyle – or until you buy elsewhere and notify us.

What If I Have Additional Questions?

People always do! Don't hesitate to reach out to us via the contact information located at the bottom of this page

How to get into this house!

Program Steps

Step #1 - Pre-Application

Fill out our pre-application below. We'll review the information and inform you if you qualify. Please be aware you are bidding against other applicants so be honest with the numbers you can do. The numbers you present are simply a soft offer. Once you've toured the property you will be allowed to adjust them.

This does NOT affect your credit in anyway

Step #2 - Applicant Interview

We'll contact our top applicants, and schedule a phone interview to go over their pre-application information and clear up any questions we, or you, might have about the whole process.

Step #3 - Tour & Final Application/Background Check

Once you have had a chance to interview you and we've selected you, we'll schedule a time for you to tour the property. Once you've had a chance to see the property we will have you fill out a formal Final Application and complete a background check. This will be to insure the information you've provided is truthful and accurate. On the final application you may submit your final numbers.

Step #4 - We Put It All In Writing

Congratulations! You've been selected to buy your new home! We'll draft up the paper work and schedule a time for us to go over it in detail so you are fully aware of how it all works.

Step #5 - We Go To Closing

We'll schedule a time to meet and sign all of the paper work with our closing attorney. At this point you'll be required to pay your down payment. Once the downpayment has been paid and everything is sign the keys are yours!

Step #6 - We Make You a Home Owner!

Once the paperwork is signed and you're in your new home you will make the monthly payments or rent on the property. During this time we will connect you with our credit repair specialist and mortgage broker who will work with you hand and hand to get you qualified to purchase the property. Our downpayment assistance program will also you to get even closer to purchasing the property!

Pre-Application for 836 Monterey St

Buyer's Pre-Application (v2)
Personal Information

This application is solely for our internal use for us to gauge if you can qualify for our program.

This application is FREE to fill out and complete and filling out this application will NOT affect your credit score in anyway.

Purchase Price

You will be bidding on this property with other applicants. Please be honest with these numbers, but know that the higher the following numbers are, the better chances of your bid being accepted. Once you've had the chance to tour the property you'll have the opportunity to adjust your numbers and fill out a formal application.

(We can work with tax refunds, equity in other homes, bonuses, future settlements, retirement funds, 401K, etc.
Monthly payments is one of our biggest determining factors
Current Residence


Please list anywhere else you've lived in the past 3 years

Income Information

Primary Income/Current Employer

*If self-employed or retired please put that

Additional Income

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