Welcome to your new home

We hope you enjoy your new home at 836 Monterey St.

We look forward to working with you to purchase your new home

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Welcome to your new home at 836 Monterey St

… We hope you’ll enjoy your time here with us. This page is provided to give you any and all information you may need during your agreement with us. You’ll be able to find; What steps to take before and after you move-in to your new home. Information pertaining specifically to the property and our agreement for your knowledge; How and where you can pay your monthly rent and utilities covered by the owners; How to transfer and setup your new utility service providers at your new address; Any and all documents related to your tenancy at the property; Who to contact if anything goes wrong.

If there is anything else you might need please don’t hesitate to contact us below and we hope you enjoy your time here!

Property Information

Rent Payments

*Due the 15th of the Month

Additional Option Payments

Per your Option Agreement you are required to put additional money down over the course of your term. Those dates and amount owed is detailed below


The option is always available to put additional money down towards the purchase price of the property. You may do so online or via check by mail.

Simple let us know if and when you’d like to do so and we can provide instructions.

Initial Deposit:

Paid on 05/03/23

Additional Deposit:

Due on 11/15/23


$5,000 paid


Copies of your bills paid by the Landlord can be found here

Credit & Mortgage Assistance

Credit Repair

Who you can contact for assistance getting your credit inline to qualify for a mortgage …

Annual Credit Report.com

Annual Credit Report is not a credit improvement company, but they should be your First step to building your credit. By law you are entitled to a free annual credit report by the three credit reporting agencies, TranUnion, Equifax and Experian. Annual Credit Repot is the federally fund site to get your free annual credit report. The information provided will be valuable information moving forward to improving your credit

Steven Robert – Bedrock Credit Repair

Steven is a personal credit repair specialist. He is able to review your current credit situation, be it poor or non-existent, and help guide you to quickly improving your score and situation.

Lexington Law

Lexington Law is a national company of lawyers who specialize fixing poor credit. They are primarily useful if you have rocky credit history.

Self. Inc

Self. Inc is not a credit repair company, however they are a unique asset to improving your credit. Self. Inc provides you with a Credit Building Savings Account. It is a savings account that requires a minimum monthly deposit. Each monthly deposit counts as a positive payment and mark on your credit report. At the end of the 12 to 24 months you receive the money you put back into the account, minus a $9 administrative fee at setup, and a variable fee when you get your money back (Often between $50-$150). 

Mortgage Assistance

Who you can contact for assistance getting your mortgage …

Justin Lazzaro – Lending Heights

Justin Lazzaro is a mortgage broker for Lending Heights who can help you review your current situation and let you know what you need to improve and do to qualify for a mortgage to purchase your new home!


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